Custom designed +
unlimited prints



Package includes 3hrs

Perfect for small to medium gatherings. That something extra everyone will remember!

*plus GST



Package includes 4hrs

When can't rush the party. Perfect way to capture everlasting memories. 

*plus GST



Package includes 5hrs

Perfect for larger numbers
& all day-night events. When you need the party keeps going.

*plus GST



Package includes 5hrs photo booth + 5hrs Dj

All in one photo booth & Dj entertainment package for the ultimate unforgettable party.

*plus GST

  • touch_operated

    Touch operated

    All the functionality at the tip of your hands

  • make_prints

    Unlimited 4"x6" photo strips for guests

    Feeling generous? Give a picture to every guest

  • black_white

    Color & black and white

    To those that can't decide how they look their best

  • assistant

    Photo booth attendant

    We´ll provide a non-robotic assistant to help you

  • pendrive

    High resolution backup

    Never loose a single image from your event booth. We´ll give you a copy on a disk

  • guestbook

    Free guest memento book

    your own private diary

  • setup

    Setup and tear down

    Don't move a muscle, we´ll do all the hard work for you.

  • mask

    Free props!

    We can't let guest take boring photos. We´ll give them the tools to do that.

  • dj

    Dj for 5 hours

    We bring more fun with the booth.

  • lights

    A selection of lighting

    We´ll provide the shine for your best moments.

  • smoke

    Smoke machine

    More special effects for your event. We want you to look your best.

  • smoke

    2 power speakers

    To the lights and the smoke, we also bring the noise.

  • microphone


    The tool that every party MC must have.

  • setup

    Free setup of Dj equipment

    The setup is on us.

  • playlist

    Free custom playlist

    We´ll create a list with all your favourite music previous to the event for free.